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Why Scrunchies Work Wonders for Thick Hair

  Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels Thick hair comes with its fair share of challenges, especially when it's time to look for the right hair accessory that not only conforms to the width of the strands, but also maintains its durability. For those with luscious locks, the struggle to find a reliable and comfortable hair tie is real. Read on to discover why scrunchies are not just a fashion statement but a practical and effective solution for those with thick hair.  Gentle Hold One of the primary concerns for those with thick hair is the likeliness of damage and breakage caused by hair ties that are either too thin or too tight. Likewise, traditional elastics, such as the classic rubber band, can be incredibly harsh, leading to stress on the hair shaft and the possibility of extensive damage from pulling and tugging on the band. Scrunchies, with their soft and elastic fabric, provide a gentler hold. The larger surface area distributes the pressure more evenly, reducing the risk o

Top 3 Rated Women's Hats 2022

  Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash Hats are statement making accessories. They're bold, stylish and perfect for making a fashion statement. If you review a timeline of the history of fashion trends, you'll find that headwear styles for women initiated back during the Middle Ages. Hats are popular fashion items during the 90s and continued throughout the 2000s. Overtime, designers have created new and innovative styles to fit marketplace trends and high demand fashion niches. So, let's find out what's trendy in 2022.  Bucket Hats Bucket hats are primarily made with cotton material. The unique feature about this style of headwear is that it has a downward brim that covers the top portion of the forehead. They're ideal for all seasons, particularly during the spring and winter. These hats are very chill and relaxed. And yes, fashion enthusiasts are sporting bucket hats on popular social media platforms like TikTok.  Trucker Hats Photo by  Mikhail Nilov  from  Pexels Lo

Top At Home Beauty Hacks and Tips

  You can easily upgrade your lifestyle in a range of inexpensive ways. Some of the simpler and most natural products can provide wonders with your beauty regimen. Many common items in your home that you use daily can offer a variety of benefits to achieving beautiful hair and skin. Read on to discover some of the top at home beauty hacks and tips. Vaseline on Eyebrows This lifestyle hack is ideal when you want to enhance the look of your eyebrows. If some of the tiny hairs have grown back and you don't have time to obtain an arch to define your look, simply use a spoolie brush to shape your brows. Then, apply a dime-sized amount of Vaseline or an equivalent product to seal the look. It'll last throughout the entire day. Mixture of Lipstick Colors Here's a unique beauty hack to tone down vibrant lipstick colors. Let's say, you want to create a more natural look with your makeup without drawing too much attention to your lips. You can actually take a vibrant color such

Eye-Catching Trends in Body Jewelry

Photo by  Melikaa Tg  from  Pexels The trends in body jewelry are coming back with new, stylish designs to give you a more elevated look. From acetate earrings to elaborate body chains, you can certainly find a wide variety of inspiration to create your attire. Here are some of the most popular styles to date. Arm Cuffs An arm cuff fits securely over the wrist or anywhere on the upper arm. There’s also a small opening in the back that separates the metal. This style works well with sleeveless tops, where you can flaunt your jewelry as an added accessory to your outfit. Consider wearing tops or dresses with halter, spaghetti, or square straps. You’ll find arm cuffs in a range of either gold or silver pieces to suit your interests. Bangles Bangles are loose-fitting bracelets that are worn over the wrists. They’re perfect for styling with formal attire and evening wear. If you’re looking to add more sparkle to your look, bangles will do the trick. Chokers You can exude more elegance t

Color Blocking in Modern Fashion

  Is color blocking out of style? Have you thought about making a huge, bold statement in fashion? Do you want to step into a setting and automatically attract attention (positive) to your style? Well, color blocking in fashion will do the trick. It's simply the concept of mixing and matching two or more bold, vibrant colors to complete one look. Color blocking is the perfect style technique to undertake, especially during the warmer months of the year. You don't have to buy a whole new outfit, since you probably already have a variety of color combinations to select from in your wardrobe. It's a great way to experiment with new styles to create a look of your own.  Of course, bright colors will attract attention, and when you create an outfit that blends together a few contradictory colors, you'll be surprised at how much people will love your new look. Let's go back to the 1960's styles, where wearing bright colors were the most stylish trends, from hippie dre

Newest Trends in Hair Accessories for Women

  Hair accessories are becoming one of the newest trends on the market, and they're likely here to stay. There are so many different types of headbands, scrunchies, clips, and scarves to choose from. No matter your taste or personal style, you're sure to find a unique variety that suits your interests.  One of the main reasons that accessories, in general, are so popular is because you can mix and match different combinations of items to fit your overall attire. When adding adornments to your hair, why not have fun by emphasizing your look with cute style options?   Scrunchies are made with firm elastic and fit well over thin, medium, and thick hair. They're adjustable, ensuring that you have a comfortable fit. One great feature about scrunchies is that they don't get tangled in your hair, unlike traditional rubber bands that can cause breakage. The prints are adorable and look absolutely stunning on the hair. Whether you're creating a ponytail or a bun, these hair

Quick Guide to Romper Styles

Rompers are among the most stylish trends for women. Whether you're going to the beach or to a dinner party, you can certainly elevate your look with this unique form of apparel. A romper is a cute, one-piece outfit that you can style in many different ways. Most of the rompers are loose at the top and flares out at the bottom with a cinch around the waist area. They are very unique pieces of clothing that are adored by many women.  It's perfect for women who love to camoflauge small hips, while portraying a desirable look. Because rompers are not form-fitting pieces, you can definitely create a stylish look without appearing too revealing.  You can pair a romper with a wide variety of  accessories , depending on if you're looking to create a casual or dressy outfit. Whether you're going out for a special occasion or relaxing at home, there are many romper styles to suit any attire. Check out these examples.   Here is a nice, comfortable romper that ties together aro

Why You Can Add a Touch of Style to Your Outfit With Fashion Accessories

The fashion industry continues to evolve, as new trends are created by fashion designers, stylists, and influencers. Accessories can definitely define who you are as a person, providing you with the creative ability to complete your look. You can make a bold statement as well as showcase your unique style. Fashion accessories are a thing of the future, as more people are discovering how a variety of stylish outfits are boring without the addition of embellishments.  What is Versatility in Fashion? It's simply defined as the variations of ways an outfit can be styled. For instance, I have a pair of classic blue jeans. If I pair it with sneakers, a hoodie, a bomber jacket, a hair scrunchie, and a boho bag, it becomes a signature style for an occasion where you want to be comfortable, yet stylish. On the other hair, if I pair the same jeans with black stilettos, a cropped cardigan, and an oversized blazer along with a pair of gold studs, I have transformed the overall style into one