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Fashion is Your Personal Expression! by Denise Y. Mose, Ph.D, Columnist

Photo by ONNE Beauty on Unsplash

Well, 2022 has a few weeks left and then it’s a wrap. Before we say good-bye, I want to pay homage to the fashion statements that have lasted all year long. Off-the-shoulder tops and velvet everything may have dominated your closets last year, but what lasted this year? Oh! I’m so glad you asked. Here’s a quick rundown of my top fashion trends that we indulged in this year:

Powerful in Pink: Is there ever a wrong time to wear pink? No, there isn’t. Whether it was the cotton-candy hue, bubblegum shade or soft pink lemonade — Pink was in! As we go into winter, look for more Pink, I know I will. Special kudos to Emmy Award Winner Zendaya and Valentino, Model Alton Mason and the very beautiful Actor Timothée Chalamet for adding this color to their wardrobes and never thinking twice. 


Cultural Couture that’s Chic: Wondering what to wear to the next political event while marching? A slew of designers were thinking the same thing! Slogan tops with empowering messages were all the rage on every runway. The message is loud and clear: Let your shirt do all the talking. 

Slim Bags Are In: Why lug around a heavy tote when you can just carry your smart phone? Everyone I know is slimming down in the purse area. You can still be bold in a smaller bag. Honestly, think of what you need to carry. Besides your phone, credit cards, lip gloss, and sunglasses, what else is there? Save your back some serious pain and get in step with a cute, yet small bag. Nice to see our celebrity men carrying a bag as well. I see you Omar Rudberg. 

Height in Heels: Don't get me wrong, I love the comfort of sneakers, but lets get those toes in line, shall we? For 2022, designers had sky-high platforms and I truly loved it! Who said sneakers couldn’t be classy? Recently, I went on a School Field Trip with my niece and grabbed a pair of burgundy high-heeled sneakers. Not only did my feet thank me, I got tons of compliments on my wardrobe. No more ubiquitous all-white kicks, a daring heel was a breath of fresh air for me. 

Everlasting Earrings: Why tamper with a formula that’s working? Statement earrings have been a favorite of the fashion set and partygoers for years. Personally, big and bold baubles compliment my ears. My hair is short and long earrings accentuate my physical presentation. To add spice, try a pair that dip past your shoulder. Trust me, if you don’t have a long pair there is still time. Visit #RollingRunwayBoutique on Instagram and go crazy! 

Striking Stripes: Timeless, absolutely timeless. I adore stripes. You can wear them with anything: slacks, scarves, tops, trousers. Have stripes, will travel! One of the reasons this style is so popular is because it’s easily wearable. I look forward to seeing you rocking stripes into the new year.

A new year is upon us. Let fashion and Dr. D be your guide! 

Brief Bio:

Eager, Effervescent and Engaging describe this Globetrotter. As a Professional Educator of more than 14 years, she realized there was more to do. So, she dropped everything and moved to China as a Foreign Professor for the Self-Discovery of a lifetime. Visit her website at to see how she earned her nickname. Join her Award Winning Podcast “Self-Discovery on Sunday w/ Dr. D” every Sunday at 5PM EST, streaming everywhere. 





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